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Alright, let fire this bad boy up…Thin_cursor

Greetings enternetz!

or as Joey would say:

Anyhow I’m sorry if I lead you to believe that this post will be about Joey Tribbiani. This post will be about Smartphones. In fact the upcoming series of blog posts will probably be all about smartphones. Smartphones, smartphones, smartphones.

So if you love Matt Leblanc you can head over to this crappy page, designed in 1998: Matt Leblanc fan page

So douche, what’s up?

The reason why I created this blog to write about my upcoming transition from an iPhone 5 running jailbroken iOS 6.0.4 to a HTC One Mini running Android 4.2.2 with HTC Sense 5.0. I never liked the crappy design language of HTC Sense, so that will probably be the first thing i will try to change.

I always liked my iPhones jailbroken, from the 3GS to the iP5. I have grown accustomed to the customization-ability of a phone with root-access and the design language and fluent animations of Apple. “If it’s user adaptiveness you’r looking for. Why are you using iOS?”, you ask. You guy’s probably don’t remember this but Android was really laggy. And it took years until Google did something about it. More about this here: Some true facts about Android graphics

My apple-fanboy bias is finally gone and I’m about to make the transition to Android. One other thing I didn’t like about Android phones that kept me from switching was the really crappy physio-pleasure. This changed with the release of the HTC One. But the 4.7 inch screen is too large for my hands. My thumbs don’t reach the top-edge of the screen. Why buy a phone that you need two hands to use? Then HTC released the One Mini and I just knew. This was the one.


Stay tuned for some screenshots from my iOS days