iOS < Android - Part 0: looking back on iOS

Heads up! This articles main attraction is the two galleries with screenshots. Scroll down a bit and you will find them.

Where do I begin?

Glad we can get rid of the impatient people. Now that I have your attention I want to say that I don’t have any screenshots from the good old 3GS days. Just this unmodified lockscreen to the right (or down if you’r on the phone).

I got my first iPhone, a 3GS, right after it’s launch. And I was hooked. The way Apple renders the UI in constant 60 fps was amazing. It was really fluent comparing to the laggy HTC phones. If you haven’t read the article about why Android was lagging, please do. You can find it in my previous post. But iOS was lacking other important features. For instance, MMS-messaging and copy-paste was introduced in version 3.0 which was released along with the 3GS. More about this on wikipedia

[thumbnail]A fairly modest unmodified lockscreen[/thumbnail]

One thing I remember was the jailbreak. Authored by the original Dev-Team. It used a bug in the PDF rendering engine of iOS to crash the OS and gain root access. I must say the interface of the jailbreak was, at that time, revolutionizing. You navigated to the webpage and then used the slide to unlock knockoff

Why jailbreak?

So what do you do when you have jailbroken your iPhone? The answer to that question depends on the user. Here’s a list of pros and cons of a jailbreak from my point of view:


  • root, why would you not want root?
  • Tweaks: you can add features to your phone. For instance, I had Siri read me the weather and new mails right after the alarm went off each morning. I got annoyed by it after a while but it was cool as hell. The tweak was called Wake Info
  • Cool apps like an GBA emulator is made possible.
  • Interface tweaks: every image that is rendered on the screen is also themable
  • Piracy: every app, for free!


  • Security: since the user is never meant to gain rootaccess the password to every rootaccount on an iPhone is alpine. This is common knowledge in the jailbreaking community.
  • If you don’t know what you are doing, you can soft-brick it.
  • Piracy: it’s bad, mkay

I used a theme called Matte UI along with an icon theme called Caroline which I couldn’t find anywhere right now. I have always strived towards a more mattified look then the skeumorphism that Scott Forstall went with. I never liked the bevels and effects in the UI. MatteUI fulfilled that need.

This is also why I like iOS7. But I believe it’s an unfinished product. Why? You ask. Well, try setting your homescreen wallpaper to plain white and you’ll know what I mean


And then came the iPhone 4

I bought it second-hand from a programmer living in Stockholm. He mentioned it was given to him by his office. But he didn’t want to use it since he was an Android user. He spent 5 minutes describing how much he hated iPhones. I mean, when you spend 5 minutes describing your hate for a phone, your hate is legit.

Scroll around the image gallery to look at the screenshots

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And then the iPhone 5

I used the iPhone 5 with a Incipio Feather case which took away the slippery feel of the aluminium surface. Got the exact same model for the HTC One Mini. It’s actually cheaper to order them from the states then getting them in the store in Sweden. The downside is that you need to wait for it for about two weeks.

I waited for 4 months or so until I could jailbreak it, but boy was it worth the wait. It ran all of those interface tweaks without any struggle

Same deal here. Use the image gallery

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The HTC One Mini Black is not yet available in Sweden.

Stay tuned